Venicemarathon 2020: a season for a dream

Less bureaucracy, simplified medical certifications and tailor-made services for all is what will happen in 2020 for the Venicemarathon.

You know, in winter I am a ski instructor and a personal trainer. Around my house, although it has been a very warm winter so far, it is impossible to run. I would like to run … a lot, but I don’t due to snow and ice. So, I decided to train completely differently for the Venicemarathon next October (in which distance, I still don’t know). 

Step one: when I ski, I ski with rhythm

For work, I spend 2 to 8 hours a day. Very often the level of my clients does not allow me to perform very well. The real effort lies in teaching. So I thought that to get the most benefit from my hours and hours on skis, I have to value the alternation of my movements. After all, running means putting one foot in front of everyone repeatedly, with precision, for a certain period of time. So, while I work, I am very attentive to the rhythm (and all the intensity, albeit very often moderate) of my movements. You do what you can!

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