Triathlon Locarno: another love

Today I tell you about a love at first sight. Do you know when your stomach hurts and you start stuttering in front of someone you like? So was it for me at the arrival of Locarno Triathlon last Saturday (especially because apart from love, I swam without a wetsuit!).

I did horse riding until I was 16 years old. Horse riding was my life and I struggled several times during my competitive career. My horse’s injury forced me to stop. Horse riding has accompanied my childhood and adolescence. Having to renounce has created an unbridgeable emptiness in me.

My soul has wandered for a long time looking for something that could once again excite me. Something that could make me fall in love again.

And then I did my first triathlon.

And I fell in love.

Locarno Mini Tri

It all started for fun. At the beginning a bet, then a test race in St. Moritz a month ago after a few months of training. And so last Saturday I found myself competing for the twenty-third edition of the Locarno Triathlon.

My strength has been to be a runner and above all to have been helped by various professionals of the three disciplines during the training.

A race prepared in no time, less than three months. Very little especially for me as I was facing swimming for the first time in my life.

The race

I ran the shortest race, the “mini tri”: 500 meters of swimming, 20km of bike and 5km of running that started the day before the “Open”, half the length and open to all women who wanted to participate.

I start slowly, taking my time calmly and slowly but determinedly swimming across the Locarno lido. Once in a while I raise my head and I see in disbelief that I even managed to get past a few people. Me, swimming.

I smiled a lot. Especially at the battery start. When the girl with me was a former synchronized swimming athlete.  


“Be careful, she will drag you down!” – shouted my friends

It was only when I left the water incredulously that I started to push. Until that moment I was focused only on one thing: doing 500 meters without stopping. I swam without a problem. The water was cold, only in the last 100 meters did it warm up a little.

Leaving the water, a first goal.


  “I did it all at once” – I think.

I entered the change zone and never felt so good. I try to get helmet and bike the fastest possible and start for the next 20km. I don’t put my shoes on the pedals for fear of hurting myself – at the change there is a lot to improve – and I close my bike fraction in 41.00 minutes; a really acceptable time for me considering the fact that I practiced very little on my bike.

Some men pass me just before the last change zone.  

Do they have e-bikes?

After the bike part I can give my best in the race and finish 5km in 22 minutes, going from a water exit to 47th to finish in 27th category (with a tenth time in the running part).

The strength of women

I felt part of a community of women at the Locarno Triathlon. Of sports women, mothers, workers. So many things united us. We were all determined towards a goal: the Mini Triathlon. We were really so many.

Almost half of the participants! A record!

Being a woman goes far beyond her physical presence and lies in the stubbornness that makes us go to take the dreams that await us.

In Locarno I saw what it means to be proud of being women.

We all had a dream. Maybe with different goals, but we did it all together.

See you next year!

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