Trail running in Sardinia: the roman trail from Chia to Pinus Village

Trail running: we are located near the ancient town of Bithia

The people who know me know that having lived for a long time in Sardinia this island is like my second home. As soon as I have a few days I always take the opportunity to visit friends and return to this beautiful island.

You probably know that Sardinia was crossed by a dense network of Roman roads, of which very little remains today. We can find an exception starting from the Chia beach, in the South-West part of Sardinia. 

The roman road on the South-West side of Sardinia

To run this trail running path, you can start from the SS195 road or leave directly from the bridge on the Riu di Ghia, where you follow the small road on the opposite bank of the river. After the parking place, you start the trail running path on the coastal road, with a beautiful natural background.

Immediately you can see the litte insland Su Cardulinu. There are leftover walls and a breathtaking view. Advancing, the environment becomes more wild. In addition to the inevitable seagulls, you can observe the cormorants. When the path begins to descend you can better see the remains of the ancient Roman road. There are several parts of the road hidden by the bushes. 

Starting and arrival point

We wanted to run and therefore we decided to start from the SS 195 nearby the Forte Village Resort to Chia. In Chia you need to turn left and run a short stretch of the provincial road 71. Starting from the little bridge the roman road starts.

At the Pinus Village we continued on the beach and from there we went up towards the state road.

Length and time

The trail we run is about 13km with about 3 km asphalt. The Roman road itself has a length of 10km.

Keep in mind that most of the route is exposed to the sun and that the only refreshment point you will find is at the Pinus Village beach.

It is therefore advisable to run the route in the less hot hours and bring an abundant water supply.