Sport is good for body and soul

I am convinced that sport is a great metaphor of life: you fight for what you want and it teaches you to get up especially after a serious fall.

Sport gets to know new people. As a child, the activities are experienced in every way as a game, as a way to socialize, to listen, to observe the rules and to have respect for the others. Sport is therefore synonymous with commitment and is to test yourself, to overcome boundaries and to realize dreams.

Another important aspect is the ability to be in a group: a group of people who share a common goal can achieve the impossible.

Sport is also compelling because it makes us happy, pleased or sad. It unites people who seem to be different, but with a single goal.

As the ancients said at the time, “Mens sana in corpore sano”. Physical activity is good for body and soul!

Just one walk a day can do you good in combination with a healthy diet.

Sport promotes blood circulation, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, and even makes us feel better mentally.

Don’t you feel better sport?

In addition to the muscular system, the skeletal apparatus is also strengthened and our body becomes more agile and elastic.

Sport also helps to prevent many diseases related to back and joint problems.

Which sport should you choose?

Choose what you like best. Do not focus on the activity that most satisfies the achievement of your goals. Sport has to be fun. Only having fun you will be constant. It’s not about losing weight or gaining muscles, it’s about health – of body and soul!