Road running and trail running: how do I choose the right shoe?

Road running or trail running?

Road running does not exclude trail running and vice versa. Both disciplines can and must partly coexist.

If the road race allows us to improve speed and go the linear path with good responsiveness of the crotch, then trail running (from skyrunning to ultra trail running) allows us to increase strength, endurance and agility.

It is therefore a good idea to maintain your street racing habits by choosing the right shoe for both disciplines.

Hoka One One: Torrent and Clifton 5

Hoka One One shoes have different lines: among these there is one line for trail running and one for street racing.

Hoka One One Torrent for Trail Running

The Hoke One One Torrent is Hoka One One’s new lightweight and aggressive trail running shoe designed with the support of elite team athletes. A performance-oriented model that guarantees maximum traction thanks to the shape, arrangement and material of the blocks in the tread. The evolution of Speed ​​Instinct features HOKA’s ProFLY technology in the midsole, a padded heel area and reactive propulsion. The upper features a technical and lightweight mesh that is breathable, while polyurethane protection is wrapped around the foot for added support and protection on both technical and rocky terrain.

Hoka One One Clifton 5 for road running

There is not much to discuss with Hoka One One Clifton 5. It is very similar to its predecessor, the Clifton 4. There is plenty of room for those who have a wide sole and the material is definitely one of the most breathable ever. The company has been trying to put together a 40mm high sole to ensure maximum cushioning at very low heights. In itself, however, it is a very light shoe. It actually weighs about 217 grams.

How do I choose the right shoe?

The choice of a running shoe includes several important reviews. A wrong choice can have a negative impact on your performance or even on your health. To choose the shoe that suits you, you have to rely on experts or even better do a running test.

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