How to protect your kids from the cold in winter

The days between the end of January and early February are traditionally thought to be the coldest of the year. Here are some useful tips not only to face this period, but also to face winter in the most appropriate way; whether it’s a simple walk in the city or a hike in the mountains.

Never give up on sports and outdoor walks

With the arrival of cold temperatures, parents are afraid to leave their children outdoor, because they fear for their health. In fact, if well covered and taken out in the warmest hours of the day, they have less chance of being exposed to infectious agents. Open your home windows for at least 45 minutes a day. Even newborns can go out in the cold, provided they are properly dressed and preferably in the hottest hours of the day.

How to dress children in winter

In general, children must be covered exactly like an adult and not more. Only in the first years of life can we dress them a little more as they have less thermoregulation capacity. For example, my three-year-old daughter in the mountains is wearing long-sleeved cotton bodysuits, long-sleeved cotton or wool turtleneck, tights and overall raincoat or ski suit. When you are away from home, the first form of prevention is to use appropriate clothing: never forget to make your children wear a hat, scarf and gloves if the temperatures drop. It is important, in fact, to cover ears and throat. Furthermore, if the clothes get wet playing in the snow or skiing, they must be dried thoroughly and immediately changed. Apply emollient creams on the skin to defend the skin from the aggression of the cold (we use the anti-cold and windproof balm from the Calendula line by Weleda, which you can find here) and then use a post-bath oil to keep the skin well hydrated (for example the calendula oil from Weleda).

Winter snacks

Especially in the cold, never blow up your children’s snack. In addition to being a good excuse for a break, it is also a right opportunity to give their (and our) organism what we have previously burned.

So go ahead with hot drinks, fruit and chocolate.

In winter we burn more 😉 

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