How to choose a triathlon wetsuit?

As I told you, on September 7th I will participate in my first triathlon, the Locarno triathlon. For this reason I am starting to inform myself about the purchase of the right equipment in view of the category that I am going to compete in.

To participate in triathlons, it is often necessary (or advisable) to wear a wetsuit. The federal regulation, in fact, defines the water temperatures at which the use of the wetsuit is mandatory, permitted or prohibited.

It is therefore important to always have a wetsuit at hand on the day of the race.

The choice of the triathlon suit is one of the greatest “challenges” for a triathlete, especially if you are a beginner like me.

First of all it is important to know that the triathlon suit is different from the one used for diving or windsurfing: it is very elastic and adherent, and externally it is smooth.

How to choose the right suit

When choosing your wetsuit, consider that it must fit the body perfectly. It is important to choose the right size based on height, weight, constitution. Furthermore, the suit must allow all the movements of the shoulders and arms during swimming, but at the same time it must not create a sense of constriction when all the hinges are closed, nor should it create difficulties in breathing.

I chose Aquasphere Racer 2.0 and I must say that after some tests I am extremely satisfied.

Not yet worn, what surprised me was certainly the high elasticity and technicality of the material.

After a water test, I noticed that the Aqua Drive Interior Panel optimizes buoyancy by reducing friction in the water.

In this way last weekend I found myself very well during a workout in an alpine lake, also because the Thermo-Guard technology at chest height managed to retain body heat.

I decided for a long sleeve wetsuit, as my swimming portion will take place in open water.


The advice I give is that of not being in a hurry to buy it, as a wrong choice could affect the performances in the races. Try to try different ones in the store and understand how you feel. Only after having tried different ones and having understood how you feel and what you need, you will be able to buy the wetsuit that best meets your needs and that is more suited to the distance you have to face.

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