Gokyo’s Lakes – Himalayan Trekking

While trekking you will notice that the landscape in Nepal is dominated by the Himalayas with the highest peaks in the world. These peaks have over time embodied the highest ideals and aspirations and so we mountain lovers have set out to discover.

After the first expedition to Mount Everest in 1953, the Himalayas became more accessible to all mountain trekking lovers.

Where, when, how?

The best months for trekking in Nepal are April / May or October / November.

The small Sherpa town known as Namche Bazaar, is the starting point for expeditions to Everest base camp and also for trekking to the Gokyo lakes and less popular routes but equally beautiful.

To get to Namche Bazaar you can fly as far as Lukla as we did (later you will still have a two-day walk), or leave directly from Kathmandu by bus and follow the old expedition route to Everest base camp.

After Namche Bazar, turn left towards the Gokyo lakes. The crowd immediately vanishes and remains alone in front of the immensity. After a steep climb up to Mongla, you will be rewarded by a 360 degree view of the surrounding peaks. The descent is easy to Phortse Tenga, a village hidden on the shore of the Dudh Kosi. The trek continues through the forests of giant rhododendrons, centenarian trees and mosses that give the landscape a fairytale-like, almost unreal, atmosphere and perfect for encounters with wild life. The trail then ventures up the mountain pastures where the yaks graze, up to the Ngozumpa glacier moraine, 17 kilometers long.

Arrival at Gokyo

After passing the first and second lake, you will finally arrive at Gokyo, a small village at the foot of the third lake.

Depending on the time of arrival and how fit you will feel, you can leave already in the afternoon to admire the sunset over the mountains from the Gokyo Ri. (5357 mt). The climb is steep and sown with stones, the altitude is felt at every step. The chorten and the wind-blown prayer flags that announce the arrival appear in the field of view.

The sun begins to set, coloring the mountains in shades of pink and purple and gradually swallowing the day to make room for the blue of the night. Meter plus meter less, we have been going up for almost two hours, but I have the impression that the climb lasted a thousand years. Finally, the arrival and the view. The highest peaks of the Earth open up before our eyes: Makalu, Lhotse, Everest … flashy shades of red and pink from the last rays of the sun, before being swallowed by the night.

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